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Osman defends Everton owner Moshiri


Former Everton midfielder Leon Osman has defended owner Farhad Moshiri from criticism.

The Toffees chief has invested a lot of money since he sold his stake in Arsenal and became their major shareholder in 2016.

However, a lot of spending on new players to the tune of £600 million, there has been a lot of chaos and not many positive results on the pitch during his tenure.

“I don't think you can say anything negative about Farhad Moshiri in regards to that because he came and invested," ex-Toffee Osman told the Liverpool Echo.

“Yes, we are looking now thinking the money may not have been spent as well as it could have been with regards to bringing in the right type of player.

“That part isn't his job. That part is people in different parts of the club, so that will have been frustrating for him when he looks back."

“Look, there are so many people out there who want to be owners of football clubs," Osman added on takeover speculation.

“Some of them come in and see it as a business, some of them come in and want to invest and propel the team the best they can. Some are very invested in the football world and some are stepping into it for the first time or are a bit naive on that.

“There are so many different types of football owners and the one you want is somebody who is going to love the club and invest their cash and leave their heart in it."

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