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Why I didn’t celebrate Tottenham win over Bournemouth – Antonio Conte

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has revealed why he did not celebrate his side’s win over Bournemouth in the Premier League on Saturday.

He said his team’s VAR drama in the Champions League in midweek was the reason he shun celebration on Saturday.

Tottenham fell two goals behind after a brace from Kieffer Moore but bounced back in the second period to win the game 3-2.

The Italian manager is usually known for his wild celebrations on the touchline but refused to celebrate when Bentancur’s shot hit the back of the net.

He has now revealed that he was wary of celebrating the goal after what happened on Wednesday night against Sporting when Harry Kane’s late strike was ruled out for a controversial offside.

Asked about his unusually muted celebration, Conte said: “I came back when I knew the goal was regular.

“I thought in my mind and my heart I can have a heart attack because in two days to score and then have the goal disallowed.

“I said I go down [the tunnel] and then stay calm and then I wait for the decision of the referee. But for sure it was great to see the desire of my players and the reaction they had.

“I repeat also the nastiness they put into the pitch because I have seen in the eyes of my players the desire to win this game.

“Also, when we drew 2-2 and then in our mind the only thought was to take the ball and start to play again. This reaction was really positive and I want this from my players.”

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