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'I hid her handbags' - Totti & wife Ilary Blasi set for bitter court battle after claims she 'ran off with his Rolex watches'

Francesco Totti is set to fight a legal battle with wife Ilary Blasi to reclaim his Rolex watches and admitted that he hid her handbags.

The former Italy international alleges that his wife had taken away his favourite Rolex Daytona watches when she left him, ending their 17-year-old marriage. Totti thought that he could barter his watches for her handbags and shoes and hence hid the luxury collection that could be worth up to €4,000, as reported by The TimesBut none of the parties has blinked first and are now set to battle it out in court to regain possession of their favourite merchandise.

"What could I do? I hid her handbags, hoping we could trade,” Totti said in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

He further added that it was not him who was the first to be unfaithful but Blasi. "It's not true that I was the first to betray. In September last year, rumours began to reach me: 'Look, Ilary has someone else'. Indeed, more than one. I looked at her mobile phone. And I saw that there was a third person, who was acting as an intermediary between Ilary and another one. Something like: 'see you at the hotel'," he added.

Blasi added salt to the wound when she posted a video of herself in front of a Rolex shop winking at the camera. However, both of them have moved on with their respective with Totti now dating Noemi Bocchi.

Totti & BlasiBlasi RolexTotti & BlasiThe pair has now hired renowned divorce lawyers and will see each other in court with a hearing set for Thursday.

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