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​Leicester manager Rodgers: Chelsea move logical next step for Potter

 Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers has lavished praise on new Chelsea head coach Graham Potter.

The Englishman has taken over at the West London club, replacing German coach Thomas Tuchel this week.

Potter has departed his role at Brighton with only a handful of Premier League games played this season.

However, Rodgers believes that making the move was the only logical choice for Potter's career.

"It's not totally confirmed but it looks like that's the next step for Graham. It's the [obvious] next step for him, going into that club where there is a different pressure," Rodgers stated to reporters as the news was breaking.

"He's done fantastic at Brighton, a club that has really grown and developed since he's come into the Premier League. It's really strategically well run behind the scenes. He's been able to get on the field, bring the players in, and do some great work with them.

"For him, it's that next step. If it comes off, that will be a fantastic move for him to a great club with so many good players."

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