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Tuchel will be 'happy coach' no matter what happens with transfers

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel says he will be a "happy coach" after September 1, no matter what happens in the rest of the transfer window.

The Blues are still being linked with a number of players, including Anthony Gordon, Wesley Fofana and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Tuchel admits he would like more options among his squad

However, he will not be spending too much time reflecting on who he could have signed this summer once the deadline passes at 11pm on Thursday.

"Right now, we could need some more players in some positions," Tuchel said in his pre-Southampton press conference.

But it's very close to the end of the transfer window and when the first of September comes, I will be a happy coach no matter what happens, and I will try to find solutions, not think about what could have happened.

Everything that matters in reality… In Southampton, we will find a way to win, to step up individually and push the team from my side. This is what we will do whether players come in or not.

"Without tough decisions, we will not get anywhere. We are used to competing for titles, we are used to competing at the highest level. If we don't have tough decisions, it will simply not happen.

We hope to have 60 matches [this season], but we need to have a squad where everybody is ready to play and hopefully we will have a lot of difficult decisions to make.

"There are not enough tough decisions at the moment, I would like to have more of these decisions. That would mean we are in full competition mode."

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