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Cardiff lose appeal over Sala transfer fee

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has dismissed Cardiff City's appeal over paying the first part of the transfer fee for Emiliano Sala after finding his transfer had been fully completed before his death in January 2019.

The Argentinian joined the Championship club from Nantes in January 2019, and the French side's claim for the first six million euros (£5.1m) under the terms of the deal has been upheld by CAS.

Sala died when the light aircraft he was travelling in from France crashed into the English Channel on January 21, 2019, two days after Cardiff had announced his signing. His body was found and recovered from the wreckage of the aircraft in February of that year. The body of pilot David Ibbotson has not been found.

After almost three years of delays, CAS held their appeal in March and issued the decision on Friday. They have found the initial transfer agreement was fulfilled before the players' death, meaning Nantes' claim for the first instalment of the transfer fee was valid.

CAS was only adjudicating over the first payment of the €17m transfer, with the rest of the payments not up for discussion.

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