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Merson convinced Ronaldo won't play again for Man Utd


Arsenal hero Paul Merson can't see Cristiano Ronaldo staying with Manchester United.

Merson thinks United made a mistake bringing Ronaldo back to the club and is not impressed by the timing of his decision to quit.

Writing in his Daily Star column, the former Arsenal and England forward said: "I don't see Ronaldo playing for United again.

"Manchester United will try to paint Cristiano Ronaldo as the villain. And if he's really left it this late in the day to tell them he wants out, then he is!

"You don't know what's happened behind the scenes, but I don't like this situation at all. We all knew in February that United weren't getting in the Champions League. Ronaldo should have said he was going as soon as the season ended.

"Now, he's just thrown United into turmoil. But it's a little bit of a game now where they will try to make him look like the villain."

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