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Foster doubles down on YouTube vlogs after criticism from Watford chief Duxbury


Ben Foster has revealed his controversial YouTube vlogs will form part of his talks with prospective new clubs.

Watford chief Scott Duxbury slammed Foster's podcasts as 'disappointing' and 'utterly wrong' following his exit from the club.

But Foster has doubled down on the criticism as he seeks a new club for the 2022/23 Eason.

"That's going to be dead exciting - to see how football clubs gauge that, whether they are like "we want you to keep doing it, carry on making videos and highlighting our club and some of the characters"...that I'm sure will be part of the negotiations and talks," Foster said.

"When we come down to it, [I will ask] am I allowed to keep doing this? Are you happy with me doing this? Do you want me to do more of this?"

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