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Agent casts doubt over Pukki staying at Norwich

 Teemu Pukki's agent has cast doubt over his future at Norwich City.

The Canaries were relegated from the Premier League last season.

Pukki's agent Teemu Turunen told Scandinavian sports network MTV Urheilu: "It is not the optimal situation that the club is in the Championship. That's clear.

"Negotiations are going on all the time. It is then a different matter whether it leads to anything. However, Teemu is the kind of player that every player should be, that as long as there is a contract, their own business is done with honour.

"The starting point is that Teemu will go back to Norwich for the training season, but if something happens here before the end of August, I don't know. Yes, Teemu has a desire to play as high as possible."

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