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Inter Milan coach Inzaghi: Nobody likes to finish second


Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi admitted frustration after their 3-0 defeat of Sampdoria.

Inter finished the season runners up to AC Milan, after their 3-0 win against Sassuolo confirmed them as champions.

"The main sentiment is pride, I think, with the way the fans welcomed us to the stadium today and their final applause too," Inzaghi toldDAZN.

“I congratulate the squad on an excellent season that could've been extraordinary with the Scudetto. I congratulate Milan on reaching 86 points, but also congratulate us, because 84 is nothing to be sniffed at. I am proud of this squad, we did great things, as did Milan.

“Two points. They were also more consistent towards the end of the season. As for us, we lost ground during the double Champions League clash with Liverpool, but 84 points is still a lot. Over the next few days, we'll analyse what more we could've done.

“Obviously, we are Inter, we won two trophies, but there is still a bitter taste in the mouth at the way we let the Scudetto get away. We must try to whittle down that two-point gap between us and Milan next season.

“It was a long journey, a positive one, but I cannot deny nobody likes to finish second."

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