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Arsenal defender Tierney won't change training approach despite injury concern


Arsenal defender Kieran Tierney says he'll never change his approach to training.

Tierney has been plagued by injuries this past season.

But he does not know any other way to train or play than going at it full tilt. Taking things a bit easier is a completely alien concept to him. To some it is a possible reason why he has picked up injuries.

But Tierney is NOT for compromising his approach.

He said: “I've always been like that since my younger days. I've always had a worry of not wanting to cheat team-mates or the team overall.

“Giving everything is just my style and I enjoy it that way.

“Maybe I don't do myself any favours at times.

“I remember Steve Clarke saying to me one day, 'Kieran, sometimes you can chill, you know. Don't worry, everybody already knows what type of player you are and what you can bring'.

“But I told him, 'I can't, it's impossible for me'. Obviously, if I've got a niggle then I know I need to be careful.

“In my youth days, or coming through, I had it in my head that I wasn't the best technically. So I felt I had to work even harder.

“It's just stuck with me — and I can't see me changing now. I'd end up feeling guilty if I ever eased up on things."

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