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AC Milan chief Gazidis insists he was always against Super League


AC Milan GM Ivan Gazidis insists he was always against the Super League.

Milan were part of the original 12 breakaway clubs in 2020.

Gazidis told the Guardian: “Atalanta is a wonderful story. Leicester City is a fantastic story. Our tough choice at Milan was simply to be in [a Super League] or not to be in it. We had to make the responsible choice for the club. Milan was not driving this train.

“At Arsenal I was vehemently opposed to the Super League, and blocked it, because the Premier League is completely ascendant. Pressure is being generated in Europe because they will not be able to compete with the Premier League.

“It's not enough to say: 'A Super League is bad so let's continue as we were.' If we do, these tensions and pressures will only grow. We need to talk about it. The most important thing is to have a sustainable model for European football.

“Financial fair play is a step in that direction but it's not completely effective. We need collectively to think responsibly about football's future.

“A future dominated by the Premier League globally is fine if you live in England. But the rest of Europe needs a more positive vision."

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