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Arsenal hero Campbell pleas: Don't let Saka contract to run down

 Arsenal hero Sol Campbell has urged the club not to let Bukayo Saka to run down his contract.

Saka's current deal runs out in 2024, but there's concerns Arsenal will let his deal run down rather than extend it given his current form and influence.

“When you get young players who just come out and do really, really well, you've got to protect them, you've got to secure them," the Invincibles legend told talkSPORT.

“They're the lifeblood for the fans, for their country, England, and especially Arsenal.

“You can't allow top, top players to run their contracts down and move on because you're taking too long.

“It's happened before but that was all about big, big money, it took a long time to secure their contracts – why?

“When a club takes so long to secure the future of a player, if you wait too long, they're going to get offers from other teams around.

“Sometimes you can agree a price but if you wait six months [to get the deal signed] the price might now be different, it could be more.

“So you're thinking, why didn't you secure that price six months ago, when you would have paid less money, secured the player and everyone would be happy, instead of trying to drag it out and trying to be clever with negotiations?"

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