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​Arsenal defender Dinyezl returns from Carlisle Utd loan

 Carlisle United have confirmed the departures of loanee Jonathan Dinzeyi.

The 22-year-old is a defender who plays for Arsenal.

Dinzeyi played three games for Carlisle after joining on loan on deadline day in August.

He is likely to go back out on loan to another club.

Carlisle manager Keith Millen said on Dinzeyi: "I've been speaking to Arsenal quite regularly just to give them updates on where he is, and he was one of the lads that unfortunately went down with Covid [recently].

"I spoke to him because I was concerned about the amount of game time he's had, both before I got here and since I've been here.

"I know Jonathan from when we were at Tottenham together, so I talked to Arsenal and I told them that I wasn't sure how much game time he was going to get.

"He was obviously here to fight for his place, like everyone is, and he hadn't had anywhere near enough of it. His contract is running out and he needs to play football from now to the end of the season, for the sake of his own career.

"He's a London lad, a long way from home, he isn't playing and that makes it difficult. It's the right thing to do, he understood that and Arsenal understood as well.

"Jonathan has gone back to London and Arsenal, and I think he's looking to try and get somewhere else on loan to get some game time."

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