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Tokyo 2020: FIG reacts as judges receive threats, hateful messages over alleged partiality

The International Federation of Gymnastics, FIG, has on Thursday thrown its full weight behind judges who officiated the rhythmic gymnastics competitions at the just concluded Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The federation, in a statement via its official Facebook page, noted that this followed after the FIG’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee has carried out a thorough post-competition review of all evaluation components in every phase of the Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“Following this process, we can confirm that no bias or irregularities were identified in the judging panels.

“The Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee, therefore, confirms that the rankings and results of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games competitions in Rhythmic Gymnastics for both Individuals and Groups are fair and impartial”, it said.

According to the FIG, it has set up strict criteria for objective selection of the most qualified and unbiased judges for the Olympic Games and “we are pleased by their work”.

“We have been appalled to learn that several judges from the Rhythmic Gymnastics panels have been receiving many threats and hateful messages since the Olympic competitions. These attempts to destabilise judges are utterly unacceptable”, the Federation frowned.

It categorically stated the judges have the full support of the Gymnastics Federation, assuring that they would be commended for their work.

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