Even Messi Will Struggle At Manchester United - Paul Scholes

Former Manchester United player Paul Scholes believes Manchester United have sunk so low that even Lionel Messi would struggle to shine for his old club at the moment.

Scholes claimed that United are turning into the new Liverpool while their old rivals and Manchester City laugh at them. And that Alexis Sanchez is too selfish to be a United player but can’t be sold because of the wages he was offered to turn down City.

He added

Mourinho’s side will struggle to win the Premier League title with Romelu Lukaku leading the attack.
Paul Pogba’s cockiness means he will switch off after showing everyone how good he is.

He’s ‘scared’ that United will lose their best players like Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford because of the way they have been treated by the manager.

The old Mourinho has gone and been replaced by a man who moans too much and cannot get the best out of his players.