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Euro 2020: Fabio Capello tells Italy how to beat Spain


Former England manager, Fabio Capello, has advised Italy on how to beat Spain when both teams clash in the Euro 2020 semi-final tie on Tuesday.

Italy will on Tuesday night face Spain in the Euro 2020 last-4 at the Wembley Stadium.

Capello said for Italy to beat Spain, they have to tackle their opponent with speed and brightness, adding that they should not fall asleep during the encounter.

“[Italy should] not fall asleep,” Capello told the Corriere della Sera.

“Spain plays slow football. If we follow that rhythm, we run the risk of suffering. Spain have great technical qualities, excellent ball possession.

“To counteract this, we need speed and brightness when it comes to recovering the ball: restart and attack immediately. We have quality and the Spanish defence is by no means unbeatable.”

Italy head to the game after eliminating Belgium from the European Championship in the quarter-final, while Spain defeated Switzerland.

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