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Watch Firefighters Rescue Footballer Dangling from 11th-floor Balcony While Trying Escape hotel Fire


Firefighters in Argentina rescued a footballer from an 11th-floor fire at the Hotel de las Americas in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, May 25.

Francisco Duarte , 21, a player for Rentistas de Uruguay, was forced to observe mandatory isolation for COVID-19 at the Hotel de las Américas when the fire broke out in his room.

Watch firefighters rescue footballer dangling from 11th-floor balcony while trying escape hotel fire (Video)

AP reported that Duarte hung from his balcony as he tried to escape before firefighters raced to get rescue the footballer, who had tested positive for COVID-19.

Two other players from the Rentistas squad evacuated the building by their own means.

In a video released by the Buenos Aires City Hall, midfielder Francisco Duarte  is hanging at the balcony of his room on the highest floor, where thick smoke was coming out.

With the help of a crane, firefighters were able to rescue him. The three footballers including Duarte were immediately hospitalized for a few hours and then discharged.

Duarte is part of the Rentistas delegation that arrived in Argentina’s capital to face Racing Club on Tuesday at the last round of Copa Libertadores’ group stage.

He and two other teammates had tested positive for coronavirus in the swabs carried out upon arrival in Argentina, and each one was isolated in a room at the Hotel de las Americas downtown.

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