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First Trailer For 'Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In' Has Dropped And It Looks Incredibly Emotional


An official trailer for 'Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In' has officially dropped and it promises to be essential viewing for all football fans.

Ferguson managed Manchester United for 26 years and won 13 Premier League titles as well as a slew of other trophies.

The story of his life is set to be discussed in the movie, which goes from his upbringing in Scotland to becoming one of the world's best coaches.

It'll also touch on a 2018 brain haemorrhage Ferguson suffered in one of the most open and honest discussions about his life.

The 79-year-old recalls his entire life to one of his sons and a number of former players and colleagues will make an appearance.

It releases in cinemas on May 27 and is available to rent and own internationally from May 31.

When speaking about the new movie, Ferguson said per Sky News: "Losing my memory was my biggest fear when I suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2018.

"In the making of this film I was able to revisit the most important moments of my life, good and bad. Having my son Jason direct this film has ensured an honest and intimate account."

Eric Cantona is a United legend who features heavily and expresses just how much the legendary Scot did for his career.

Cantona remarks: "He knew exactly what I needed, it's why I worked so hard."

A previously released clip saw the 79-year-old reveal exactly how he motivated his star players across multiple generations.

"I used to lie in bed thinking about themes where I could address the players that would make an impact on them," he broke down.

"I would talk about miners, shipyard workers, welders, toolmakers. You know, people who've come from poor backgrounds."

"I used to ask them: What did your grandfather do? What did your father do? I have to get the feeling inside them that what their grandfathers worked for, their grandmothers, is part of them," Ferguson continued.

"They have to display that meaning. And, taking away all the trophies I've won, and all the players I've had, I think it's a thing about life. It's a fact of life that where we come from is important.

"You come out with an identity. I come from Govan. I'm a Govan boy."

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