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Coppa Italia final embraces NFTs in another sign of industry's growth


The clash on Wednesday between Juventus and Atalanta may be the first time many people will have heard about football-related tokens

The broadcast for the Coppa Italia final between Juventus and Atalanta on Wednesday will likely feature references to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which could prove disorienting for many fans.

After all, the rapid popularity increase for tradeable online football items is a relatively new phenomenon still not widely understood. But leagues and individual clubs view the growing industry as a possible revenue model - and they are willing to risk short-term confusion in order to hook younger fans.

Seven NFT items related to the Italian final will be released online on May 22. They will aim to capture memories from the match in a virtual setting and should provide a financial windfall for the people who acquire them.

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