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Chelsea Players to Decide who I Buy this Summer – Tuchel


Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel, has hinted his players could decide who he brings in this summer.

Tuchel replaced Frank Lampard midway into the 2020/2021 season and the next transfer window will be very crucial for him.

However, he feels the current crop have to be comfortable with new arrivals.

“I spoke to a conductor in Germany and he told me that once in his orchestra he had to find a new musician.

“He picks three maybe that he likes as a replacement, but the final decision is made through the orchestra. We had a long discussion about this.

“It made total sense to me because they have to play with the new person. I am brave enough to think about what this could mean in recruiting in football.

“Could it be that the team maybe decides, like a pre-selection, and the responsible guys that you trust, your captains, decide with you which one they think fits the most? If an orchestra can do it, why not? It’s out of the box thinking,” Tuchel said, according to the Star.

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