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Arsenal Misery Continues after Furious Fans Blast Kroenke


Gunners fans made their voices heard before Friday’s game, and a Bernd Leno howler then proved costly against Everton

Sometimes the game just doesn’t really matter.

It doesn’t happen often, but that’s how it felt at Emirates Stadium on Friday night.

Arsenal played Everton and they lost 1-0 – but as the match meandered on, the main event was still taking place outside the ground.

Throughout the first half you could hear the chants rippling through the crisp north London air from the thousands of Arsenal fans who had spent the past two hours protesting outside against the ownership of Stan Kroenke.

“Kroenke Out”, “We want our Arsenal back”, “Stan Kroenke, get out of our club.”

It was an ever-constant hum, punctuated from time to time by the sound of police sirens or fireworks being set off amongst the crowd.

This was the biggest protest seen at Arsenal in years. The fans wanted their voices to be heard – and they were heard loud and clear.

“Tonight the Arsenal fans made me so proud,” said 61-year-old Arsenal fan John Williamson. “Thousands demonstrated against the owner without a hint of trouble.

“If Stan Kroenke could hear us from his ranch 3,000 miles away, he’d be in no doubt that he isn’t wanted.”

Whether Kroenke listens is another thing. But if Arsenal’s billionaire owner is sitting over in the United States hoping that tonight’s scenes were a one-off, then he would be wrong.

This was just the start. There will be more protests, more pressure put on Government to introduce legislative change when it comes to owning football clubs in this country.

It feels like a movement has started at Arsenal and the momentum that has built up during the past chaotic week is not going to fall away any time soon.

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