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Michael Essien Deletes LGBT Support Post After Being Dragged in the Mud by Ghanaians

Former Black Stars midfielder Michael Essien has deleted his post in support of LGBT Ghanaians after huge backlash.

Essien caused a stir Monday night when he posted that he’s in support of Ghana’s LGBT community, who have been facing immense public pressure, discrimination and even violence in recent times.

Essien shocked everyone with a public declaration of support for the LGBT. Despite a decorated playing career, he was never a person who courted public attention.

So it was definitely surprising seeing him proudly standing with a marginalized group in Ghana.

However, his post predictably triggered ignorant Ghanaian homophobes who landed on him with insults upon insults.

The vitriol became so much that Essien pulled down the post.

Before posting something that divisive (in Ghana) Essien should definitely have known the backlash that was coming for him. He should have been ready to face or never posted at all.

At the moment he’s done nothing but give hateful Ghanaians a win and exposed himself as a coward who cannot stand for his principles.

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