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A Referee Has Been Chased Off The Pitch By Players And Other Officials And The Footage Is Unbelievable

A match in the fourth tier of Bulgarian football had to be abandoned due to the referee being chased from the pitch by players and OTHER match officials. The referee can be seeing getting ready to book a player who begins to approach for a face to face confrontation. 
Eventually, a yellow card is brandished, but a player who looks to be the captain enters the shot and snatches it away in an aggressive manner. 
Another player then swings for the referee who begins to run for his life as an angry mob forms behind him. 
Opposition players then try to stop the furious mob - before other match officials begin to give chase. The referee makes it to the touchline in one piece and blows for the full-time whistle, cancelling the game and urging everybody off the pitch. It didn't stop someone smashing a ball towards him however. 

Luckily, their aim was a bit off and it ricocheted off a nearby parasol. Fans have reacted to the scenes and they think it's typical Sunday League stuff come to life. It's not nice to see a clear lack of respect for the official and it's understandable as to why he brought a halt to the action. 
This season's Premier League has seen referees receive all sorts of abuse and even death threats. Last month saw charity Ref Support, who aim raise the quality, status and benefits of refereeing for the good of its members and in the interests of the game, create an initiative called 'Give The Ref A Hand'. In a bid to stop the hostility some grassroots match officials receive on a weekly basis, people have been urged show their support.

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