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A consistent, rounded Iwobi? Long may it continue


The Nigeria star only just opened his account for the season in midweek but the general reliableness has greatly elevated him in the Everton squad

Has Alex Iwobi ever been this good at any point in his career? Frankly, yes but you may have to go back to his breakout season at Arsenal through the following 12 to 18 months to really find the Nigeria attacking midfielder playing his best football.

As always, the appropriate context is required. There’s a different sort of pressure when you’re still a teenager at 18 or 19 from whom little is expected. At that age, you’re mostly a breath of fresh air, with observers and supporters pleased by the progression of an academy player into the first team.

Iwobi largely thrived within that atmosphere but hit a roadblock when fans and pundits demanded more. Where were the goals and assists? Why was he struggling to consistently churn out quality, reliable performances for the Gunners?

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