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The Fourth Round Between Alex Saucedo And Lenny Zappavigna Was One Of The Most Brutal In History


There's a weirdly idyllic view of boxing fights that is the image of everything we've seen in Rocky films so for anyone who loves that this video of Alex Saucedo's win over Lenny Zappavigna will be everything they've always wanted.

Boxing fights can often be cagey affairs with two opponents trying to suss each other out, not get hit themselves and finally find an opening. It's called the sweet science for a reason.

Of course that doesn't always make for the entertainment some people want, the methodical opening up of someone's defence doesn't work for everyone, and it certainly isn't what boxing films are about.

At most points in the actual boxing in Rocky films the stuff you're watching is far beyond what normally happens in the ring, the exchanges as both men stand toe to toe smacking the living hell out of each other with no regard for health, safety and defence.

However from time to time two real fighters go into an almost Rocky mode and that's what happened when Alex Saucedo and Lenny Zappavigna met in a junior welterweight fight back in 2018.

Saucedo, in the black and red trunks, would go on to win the fight in the seventh round by TKO when Zappavigna's corner decided to throw in the towel with his face gushing blood.

After the fight the loser announced his retirement from boxing, and it's no wonder after going to war in such a way.

Following his win Saucedo said, "This is just the beginning of bigger things. It felt like another night at the office coming out here and getting the support from all the people. I am just looking forward to bigger things."

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said that Saucedo would be going after WBO champion Maurice Hooker after the win saying, "He's fighting Maurice Hooker. He's the mandatory [for] that title and the [fight] will be later this year.

"He'll be healed, and this will be the new champion from Oklahoma City!"

The bout was widely regarded as one of the year's best fights and it comes as no shock.

After such a slobberknocker, Saucedo may take some time to heal up.

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