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Victor Wanyama to take legal action against Xtian Dela and socialite Shakilla after mention in alleged sex scandal


Kenyan football star Victor Wanyama has formally issued a statement addressing claims he has bedded socialite Shakilla.

The 19-year old crossed her boundaries after yesterday claiming to have been sexually involved with among others, Victor Wanyama, who has now threatened to take legal action against her and her interviewer, Xtian Dela.

In a formal statement as seen by Ghafla, Wanyama termed the viral video circulating online as one “containing false, fabricated and insulting allegations aimed at scandalizing his good name and reputation.”

Thereafter completely distancing himself from the contents of the defamatory video, asserting that he had never met any party in the video and strongly condemned both Shakilla and Xtian Dela’s actions.

The footballer believed the allegations made were basically meant to boost the online audience of Xtian and Shakilla while targeting to destroy a brand and character he had on worked so hard and for long to build.

'Such malicious, scandalizing, and false assertions about my name and character are UNACCEPTABLE to me, my family, and institutions who have placed great trust in me.'

Revealing he would go to great lengths to protect his good name and character, against the false and insulting allegations made towards him.

“Consequently and with the blessing of my management team, I have instructed my legal team to pursue ALL legal remedies available to me and to which I have the unreserved right to seek,” he wrapped up his statement.

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