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Staggering Iago Kiladze Stunned Nigerian Prospect Efe Ajagba After Dropping Him With Powerful Shot

Georgian-Ukrainian underdog Iago Kiladze produced a shock moment when he managed to floor Nigerian prospect Efe Ajagba in their 2019 boxing clash.

Ajagba, 26, had sent Kiladze crashing to the canvas in the second round and looked to assert his dominance in the third round.

The 'One and Only,' who is undefeated in the squared circle, connected with a powerful right that sent Kiladze stumbling backwards.

Kiladze managed to stay on his feet and astonishingly found space to connect with a powerful right that floored Ajagba.

The 34-year-old Georgian-Ukrainian became the first man to send Ajagba crashing to the canvas, but he wasn't able to hand him his first professional defeat.

Ajagba would recover from the third-round knockdown to drop Kiladze in the fifth.

And the bout would come to an end after the 26-year-old Nigerian unloaded on Kiladze and the ring doctor climbed onto the apron and waved the white towel.

Ajagba chalked up his 12th professional victory in 2019, with 10 of his wins coming by way of knockout.

The heavyweight boxer added his 11th knockout victory to his resume with a ninth-round stoppage against Razvan Cojanu back in March.

The 'One and Only' admitted that his clash with Kiladze would "help me perform better in the future."

He explained: "When I got knocked down, I didn't see the punch coming. I tried to hit him with the left hook and that's when I got caught.

"He has a lot of experience and he's a good fighter. This kind of fight will help me perform better in the future.

"This guy was a good fighter and he can take a lot of shots. I missed a lot of shots.

"Ronnie Shields, my trainer, kept telling me to work behind the jab and come back with the hook.

"It's something that I have to learn to do. I made some mistakes, but I will go back to the gym and work on it. I'll do better next time."

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