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Paul Merson's Comments About Man Utd's Harry Maguire From Earlier This Season Have Re-Emerged

Paul Merson's Comments About Man Utd's Harry Maguire From Earlier This Season Have Re-Emerged
Maguire joined United from Leicester City for £80 million last summer and has enjoyed a decent start to life at Old Trafford.

However, the last few weeks have seen the 27-year-old make a number of mistakes, including an own goal against Chelsea this weekend.

Former Arsenal man Merson told Sky Sports back in August that the transfer fee was extraordinary and "ridiculous at the highest level," which some fans have started to agree with.

"Maguire for £80 million is ridiculous at the highest level," he stated on Gillette Soccer Saturday back in August.

"You have to remember he ripped it up for England in a three. And when you play in a three at the back, you do that for one reason only - the defenders are not good enough and you do not trust them. He done well at England.

"But you have to remember when he plays for Leicester, they play, they drop back and defend on the edge of their box, there is no space behind. The ball comes in the middle, he heads it out, he comes out running with the ball.

"He kicks off now with Man Utd and you are on the halfway line and all of a sudden you are playing against Arsenal and you are on the halfway line and balls are going over the top for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and for Man City for Sergio Aguero and it is pace, pace, pace."

Merson did backtrack on his comments following United's 4-0 win over Chelsea on the opening day, stating: "I thought I was very critical of him on Soccer Saturday if I'm being honest. I tried to get hold of him today (Monday) and I will talk to him tomorrow (Tuesday) as he texted me back.

"And I thought I was a bit critical if I'm being honest - I thought what I wanted to say did not really come across the way I thought it should have.

"I sort of did not really give him the credit he deserves of how good he is."

Maguire officially hasn't made a mistake leading to a goal in the Premier League this season, but the restart has seen him look suspect on a number of occassions.

Tottenham Hotspur winger Steven Bergwijn drifted past him with ease back in June while Bournemouth's Junior Stanislas pulled of an outrageous nutmeg earlier this month.

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