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Naples star Matteo Politano shows off his new “spectacular” tattoo

You can get the impression that some soccer players get a tattoo to celebrate the goals they score. It would therefore come as no surprise that some players are covered with skin decorations. See Zlatan Ibrahimović, Neymar, Lionel Messi. Matteo Politano is not exactly known as the top scorer, but he still follows the trend in the football world. The SSC Napoli player got a new tattoo that can confidently be called special. The image of a roaring leopard is emblazoned on the 26-year-old’s back.

The well-known Italian tattoo artist Valentino Russo is responsible for the work of art. In his studio in the Tuscan city of Grosseto, Politano had his desired motif set. The image, which stretches across the entire back of the footballer, shows the roaring leopard in close-up and front views. Russo claims to have sat a total of eight hours on the picture, as he writes on his Instagram profile.

The tattoo artist has also published a series of images on the platform that shows the creation of the tattoo. The love of detail of the picture and the naturalness of the motif are also demonstrated by a short video that shows the soccer player sitting on the chair with his back to the camera. Russo wrote in the attached comment that it was supposed to be a “pleasure” to tattoo Politano. The footballer is a great personality.

The sympathy is obviously mutual. Politano thanked the tattoo by giving Russo a Naples jersey. He not only signed it, but also dedicated it. The tattoo artist is therefore the “nummero uno”, number one.

Some internet users are also enthusiastic about the tattoo. The comments on the tattoo artist’s Instagram profile range from “wonderful” to “spectacular” to “phenomenal”. A user writes: “Looks real”. Another doubts the working time: “8 hours? Impossible,” he writes. A third user thinks Russo is the CR7, i.e. Cristiano Ronaldo among the tattoo artists.

Matteo Politano was loaned by Inter Milan to SSC Napoli in January this year, where he is a right winger. There was an encounter between the two teams yesterday, Tuesday. Politano was standing in the square, but the roaring leopard on his back was not particularly intimidating. Milan, currently in second place in Serie A, prevailed 2: 0 against Naples (7th place).

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