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Footballer, Farid Melali Arrested for Allegedly Masturbating in Public

Algerian and Angers winger, Farid El Melali has been arrested for allegedly masturbating in public in France.

This is reported to be the second time, the footballer will be questioned by the police for indecent exposure.

The 22-year-old was arrested after his neighbour lodged a complaint of him displaying his genitals while peering into a female neighbour’s flat from the garden of his building.

On interrogation, Melali admitted his inappropriate behavior but said he thought he was alone in the building.

Daily Mail UK reports that the Ligue 1 player had only just signed a contract extension until 2023 with his club earlier in the day.

El Melali’s lawyer, Sandra Chirac Kollarik, told Ouest-France that the footballer has apologized to the young women for his inappropriate act.

“Farid El Melali was heard by the Angers Police this Wednesday morning about acts committed during the recent period of confinement, which he acknowledged, and about which he had already been interviewed before being summoned to court.

She added that Melali had answered the necessary checks in order for his hearing to be closed quickly.

“He renews his sincerest apologies to the women he may have upset with inappropriate attitudes.”

Reacting to the latest incident, Angers President, Fabrice Favetto-Bon said the player’s apology has been heard and his behavior does not conform to the values of the club.
“This type of behaviour, pending the decision of the courts, does not conform with the values of the club and our requirement of players to be examples. The process is ongoing.”

El Melali has been released but will face trial to admission of guilt.

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