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'There are certainly more players available' - Inter Miami's McDonough on adjusting to coronavirus-impacted transfer market

The first-year MLS club have been linked with a major signing, but those plans have shifted due to the outbreak of Covid-19
It was no secret that this was going to be a big summer for Inter Miami.
In the lead up to the club's debut season, the MLS expansion side made two Designated Player signings: Mexican star Rodolfo Pizarro and Argentine youngster Matias Pellegrini. The two were expected to be a key part of the club's attacking core but, in the entire run up to the club's launch, Miami didn't promise "key pieces"; they promised stars.
That star was widely expected to come in the summer. It's a time that is more conducive for big-money business. Clubs are ready to deal once the domestic season is over, with most of the game's biggest transfers being made in the summer rather than the month-long winter window.

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