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Tevez: I REALLY tried to outdo Ronaldo inside Man Utd gym

Argentine great Carlos Tevez admits he could never outdo former Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo when it came to the gym.
Tevez recalls Ronaldo just about lived in the gym when they played together at Old Trafford.
He told Marca of the Juventus star: "I remember what happened to Cristiano Ronaldo, what every woman in the world surely sees. He spends all his time at the gymnasium. He has a real obsession.
"If we were training at nine in the morning and I decided to come earlier by arriving at eight, he was already there. I arrived at half past seven and he was there. But I said to myself, is it possible to be able to arrive earlier than this guy?
"One day, I decided to arrive at six in the morning and I found him there. Half asleep, but he was there.

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