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'Slow conveyor belt' - Neville reveals details of Sir Alex's transfer policy at Man Utd

The former defender detailed how the legendary manager would select players, and know when to move on from them
Gary Neville explained Sir Alex Ferguson's' overall transfer strategy with Manchester United, likening it to a "very slow conveyor belt" system.
Ferguson's tenure with Manchester United saw the Red Devils emerge as a global powerhouse, dominating English football while regularly competing for European trophies.
In total, Ferguson won 13 Premier League titles, two Champions League titles and five FA Cups as part of his 38-trophy haul while at Old Trafford.
To maintain that level of dominance, you have to recruit well and bring along talented youngsters, and Neville explained how Ferguson has been able to find that mix better than any other manager.
"There were three categories," Neville said on Sky Sports. "His policy was to promote youth wherever possible, that was number one before he even looked at the external market.
"Number two was to look at the best in the Premier League, those he could trust, and still have growth and be with the club for a long time. Gary Pallister, Steve Bruce, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Robin van Persie.
"And then he always wanted emerging international talent that could come over to Manchester, that he could work with and develop into great players. Nemanja Vidic, Peter Schmeichel, Patrice Evra, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
"He very rarely ventured into the world of buying the complete star, and it's not far off Pep Guardiola's tactic with Manchester City right now."
While buying players was one of Ferguson's strengths, the legendary manager also knew when to let them go.
Neville says the former Man Utd manager made sure to never let too many players walk away in a given season as he slowly but surely rebuilt the squad while making sure it never stagnated.

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