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Sheffield Utd boss Wilder: Football's return will lift nation's morale

Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder feels the resumption of the season will boost the nation's morale.
Sheffield United and their top-flight rivals have seen the Premier League season suspended indefinitely, in a bid to halt the spread of the coronavirus.
Wilder said, "The players have obviously been given individual programmes to do and modern-day technology has allowed us to monitor and record those activities to the levels we have set them and we have done that very, very efficiently.
"We have been delighted with that and I think they realise as well that they need to hit to ground running when, hopefully, we do get back into it.
"I should imagine it will be a pre-season and then back into the games.
"Because I am 100 per cent certain that there is a massive enthusiasm, not just from the Premier League or just the Premier League clubs and players, but the overall nation, to get some football back out on the screens.
"Hopefully, that will boost morale in the country because there is not a lot of good news stories coming out of the media at the moment.
"Hopefully that will be one and we can shift our attentions to watching a bit of football through this terrible period

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