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'On July 1, I'll be a Chelsea player' - Ziyech prepped for Stamford Bridge move despite uncertainty

The midfielder sealed a transfer to the Premier League during the winter window and, despite the coronavirus outbreak, he expects it to go through
Hakim Ziyech says that he plans on officially becoming a Chelsea player on July 1 despite the uncertainty surrounding football as a result of the coronavirus.
Chelsea sealed a £37 million (€40m/$43m) deal for the Ajax star over the winter, with the Dutch club agreeing a deal that allowed them to hold on to the midfielder through the end of the Eredivisie season.
However, with the footballing world now suspended due to Covid-19, there is plenty of uncertainty as leagues and clubs attempt to figure out when the game will return.
The Eredivisie has already confirmed that the league's season is over, with Ziyech and Ajax not awarded the title despite sitting atop the table.
Meanwhile, the Premier League has yet to make a final decision on the future with there still being hope the season can be completed.
Despite that uncertainty, Ziyech says that, as far as he knows, his transfer will go through on July 1 as planned, officially making him a Chelsea player.
"I really haven't been serious about that for a second," Ziyech told AD.
"I think my signature is under the contract and so yes, on July 1, I will be a Chelsea player. I never had any other thought. ''
He added: "In any case, the question is when the countries will really open again and I can safely start there. And then there is indeed the decision on the league that is played there. But I have no influence on that, I will see it all by then. ''
The coronavirus crisis has thrown the football world into chaos, with leagues all over the world still deciding how to handle the rapidly changing environment around them.

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