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Norwich midfielder Gilmour happy with Telstar loan: I'd come back

Norwich City midfielder Charlie Gilmour says he's enjoyed his loan with Telstar.
Released by Arsenal, Gilmour signed a week after he committed his future to City.
The Scotland Under-19 international told “I have enjoyed pretty much every minute of my time in the Netherlands so far. When I first arrived here I literally came from Arsenal to SC Telstar, and I had been at Arsenal all my life.
“At Arsenal you get the best treatment and everything is of the highest quality, and because they are one of the biggest clubs in the world you get everything handed to you on a plate in terms of best facilities and coaches.
“Arriving at SC Telstar was very different but it taught me the real world really, and I did not realise it was like this I feel that I have learned a lot more here in the Netherlands than I would have done if I had stayed at Arsenal.
“Overall it was definitely worthwhile coming here. I am delighted with the pathway I have chosen and I would definitely return to the Netherlands in future.

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