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Newcastle hero Rob Lee calls for Mike Ashley to sell

Newcastle United hero Rob Lee says it's time for club owner Mike Ashley to sell up.
Since the coronavirus pandemic rapidly unfolded and the UK went into lockdown, fresh reports have suggested that Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund and Amanda Staveley want to take Newcastle off Ashley's hands.
Lee told the Evening Chronicle: "Mike Ashley has had more than enough time to make the club his own.
"The way he wants to run NUFC is not how the fans want to see it run.
"Let's be clear whoever comes in next could still be worse. We don't know if it will be better or worse, but it is time for a change as success certainly has not happened with Ashley in charge.
"We don't know who will come in and whether they could be worse but I would rather try something than sitting doing nothing. We are just stagnating.
"Even if it was something different it would give fans the one thing I certainly want to see - it's a simple word, hope.
"Under Mike Ashley, it feels like there is no hope."

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