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Man Utd star Pogba: I don't know who or what Souness is!

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba insists he doesn't know who uber critic Graeme Souness is!
Souness' criticism of the World Cup winner has become something of a running joke on social media, with fans waiting to hear what the Scot has to say about Pogba following a performance.
"I didn't even know who he was, really," Pogba told the United podcast.
"I didn't even know who he was. I heard he was a great player and stuff like that. I know the face but [not] the name.
"Like I said I'm not someone that watches a lot of [punditry], I watch a lot of football but I don't stay after the game to listen to what they say about 'Why they did this' or 'Why they did that'. I like to focus on football

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