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Ex-youth coach of Ziyech: Great to see him shine at Chelsea

Hakim Ziyech's former coach at SC Heerenveen, Hans de Jong, has no doubts he can handle his move to Chelsea.
De Jong has long acted as an advisor to the Ajax midfielder, who will join Chelsea at the end of this extended season.
He said, "They still say that he will get into physical problems. That is what everyone is saying now, but they already said that when he came from the youth of Heerenveen.
"They also said it when he went to FC Twente and to Ajax, so I don't think it will be a problem. I have absolutely no doubts, he will take on the next challenge. It's going to be great to see him shine at Chelsea."
De Jong admits he talked Ziyech out of leaving for England when still with Heerenveen - the midfielder eventually choosing to join FC Twente.
He added, “Ajax already wanted him then. PSV wanted him. A number of English clubs wanted him. But we explained to him that he was far too young to go to England at the time.

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