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Chelsea boss Lampard: We won't copy Liverpool or Man City

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard does not see his side copying Liverpool or Manchester City in the pursuit of success.
Lampard has enjoyed a decent first season with the Blues, as they are in fourth position in the Premier League.
He knows that he will be expected to challenge for the title next season, but he does not want to copy any other club's blueprint to get there.
Speaking on Sky Sports, Lampard said: "I don't want to jump the gun because what Liverpool and Manchester City have done has been clear; I'd be a fool to suggest we can bridge that gap quickly because there has been a lot of hard work at those clubs in terms of recruitment of top players, of great coaches.
"We have to be part of that process. We have to do it our way, we can't try to copy. We have had experienced players around this year to help the youngsters but we know there are little areas within the squad… some of that's what we have on the ground here already, some of that is how we might look to recruit.
"What's going on in the world has made it very difficult to plan on that front. But going into this break I certainly felt we were moving in the right direction and with continued progress and work on the training ground, as well as potentially bringing in some players in key areas to try and help us bridge that gap, yes, I've got a strong belief that we can [challenge].

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