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Arsenal defender Rob Holding: I've been getting a lie in every day

Arsenal defender Rob Holding admits he's enjoying his sleep-ins during the coronavirus suspension.
Holding detailed his daily routine in a club Q&A.

He said, "My daily routine has been getting a lie in every day, which has been nice. But I get a bit of breakfast and then chill out for a bit and then in the early afternoon, I start my workout stuff. Then it's dinner and bed and then repeat.

"It's basically been the same for the past three weeks now, but yeah, this is the homemade gym that I've put together. I've got my sessions written on the board. I've got an ab roller, a Swiss ball, some dumbbells, a gym rack - obviously key, a football - an exercise bike, some hurdles and yoga gear and obviously a speaker! There's some motivational stuff on the wall... a bit of Muhammad Ali.

"But yeah, I basically come in here after an outside run and then do a bit of a workout in here and get a nice sweat on. I open the patio doors out to the outside to do the things I have to do out there."

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