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Tottenham Coach Jose Mourinho Helps To Deliver Food In CoronaVirus Lockdown

Tottenham fans are delighted by Jose Mourinho after his decision to help out during the CoronaVirus Lockdown.

The former Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United manager was seen packaging supplies for the elderly in London.

Jose Mourinho helped to deliver as much as he could to the elderly on Monday afternoon.

He acted as an helper for Doorstep Enfield and charities Age UK.

The old and those with health issues are the most at risk of being infected by coronavirus.

It’s crucial that all old and unhealthy people remain indoors throughout the outbreak to stop the spread of the infection.

Mourinho was among other helpers that dedicated their time to ensure the elderly have enough supplies.

Doorstep Enfield shared a video of the Tottenham Coach packaging food, before he went out to deliver the shopping bags.

“I’m doing everything to help Age UK Enfield and Love Your Doorstep Enfield,” said the Tottenham manager.

“Also, you can always donate food online or volunteer. It’s very easy to contact.”

Across the United Kingdom, over 6,000 people have tested positive for the coronavirus, with a total of 335 deaths, according to new statistics.


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