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Real Madrid Coach Zidane Involved In A Car Crash, Took Selfie After Getting Help

The Frenchman was involved in an exceedingly small collision on his way to training, however, he found a hand within the form of the person whose vehicle he clipped.

Zinedine Zidane was involved in a minor automobile accident on a weekday - however, the Real Madrid coach traded any potential lawsuits for selfies once the opposite driver helped him out of a jam.

Zidane, who came back to Los Blancos last season following his exit at the end of the 2017-18 campaign, had a little collision with a fellow driver on his way to the club's training facilities ahead of his side's trip to Osasuna in La Liga.

The incident happened within the urban development of Valdebebas, close to each location of Madrid's complex and Barajas airport, once the former World Cup winner bumped into the back of furniture shop manager Ignacio Fernandez.

Instead of fanning a blame game, however, the latter offered to sort out the insurance papers for each man so as to permit Zidane to go straight to training and elude any coverage by media outlets within the locality - on the condition that the pair took a quick picture together.

"As shortly as I saw him, I recognized him and aforementioned, 'I would have liked to have met you in alternative circumstances, however, this one isn't bad either,'" Fernandez told the newspaper La Voz de Galicia.

"I told him that we could have a selfie because otherwise, individuals would not believe me if I was hit by Zidane['s car]," he added. "He very kindly said yes. He took off his hat and we took the picture."

Photo taken, Zidane continued on to his work, whereas later, Fernandez received a call from the coach's representatives thanking him for his help.

"The representative aforementioned that he was very grateful that Zidane was [heading to] training and was in a hurry, therefore he thanked him for not entertaining him by asking for signatures, shirts or tickets," he added.

The brief accident definitely didn't appear to deter Madrid's boss as he led his side to a 4-1 thrashing of mid-table strugglers Osasuna the following day, to maintain their three-point gap at the summit of la Liga.

The result ensured a come back to winning ways for the side following their Copa del Rey quarter-final exit during a seven-goal adventure story against Real Sociedad on their previous outing.

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