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Premier League clubs discuss change in marginal offside calls on VAR

Premier League clubs have discussed changes allowing referees to give attacking players 10-20 cm leeway in VAR offside decisions from next season.

The Times has reported that clubs from England's top flight have told referee chiefs, PGMOL, they want a thicker line when deciding offside calls using VAR.

At a Premier League shareholders' meeting on Thursday, club representatives were shown examples of lines with varying thickness, including 10cm, 15cm and 20cm.

This demonstration highlighted to Premier League clubs that the introduction of a wider line would give a greater tolerance than is currently being seen this season.

Nothing has been decided and no changes will be made this season.

PGMOL will continue to work with lawmakers IFAB but has no preference and will simply implement the laws of the game.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters said on Tuesday that further talks on potential VAR changes to offside will take place at a club meeting in April.

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