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Pep Guardiola Explains Why he is not the Best Manager in the World

Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, has explained why he is not the best manager in the world.
Guardiola, who has won 29 career trophies, is currently the most successful manager in the Premier League.
The Spaniard has won titles in Spain, Germany, and England with Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Man City respectively.
Asked if he is the best manager in the world ahead of Man City’s Premier League clash with West Ham United, Guardiola told Sky Sports: “No, I was.
“Pay attention, what is the best manager in the world? I have certainly not felt in my life that I was the best manager even when I won 6 trophies in a row at Barcelona, and won trebles.
“I was successful at Barcelona, Bayern and now Man City because I had exceptional players those great clubs I managed.
“We have unbelievable coaches around the world that have not managed great clubs and have fantastic players.
“However, my case is not different because if you offer me a team that is not in the same level as City, I am not going to be successful.”

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