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Daughter Slams His New Fiance Sabrina Parr As An Abuser — Says She Punched Him In The Mouth!

Fans have been rooting for Lamar Odom ever since he made an official comeback to the limelight while releasing his revealing memoir. It seemed that he was getting his happily ever after with Sabrina Parr but the public is now learning, for the second time, that things are not always what they seem.

Lamar’s daughter took to social media to post comments on her father’s Instagram photo that have since been deleted.
The engaged couple celebrated Valentine’s Day together and shared a sweet photo.

Destiny Odom wrote an alarming comment that read: ‘Was this before or after she punched you in the mouth’
Destiny also posted to her Instagram Stories messages that read ‘When abusers delete your messages before the anyone can see it’ and ‘Keep your hands to yourself. Women can be abusive too. It is never okay to lay your hands on someone.’

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