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Nicklas Bendtner Called Arsene Wenger A 'W*nker' After Failed Crystal Palace Transfer

Nicklas Bendtner has revealed he once called Arsene Wenger an 'a***hole' and a w**ker in a furious phonecall following a failed transfer to Crystal Palace.

The Danish striker had fallen out of favour in the Arsenal squad after a string of disciplinary issues and was all set for a deadline day move to Selhurst Park in 2013.

But at the very last minute he received a phone call from Wenger, who informed him that the transfer was off because he could not find a new striker and told him he would have to stay and be back-up even though Palace were offering "serious money."

In his new book 'Both Sides', out today, Bendtner wrote that: "[Wenger] goes straight to the case. 'It doesn't matter to your move,' he says. 'We haven't been able to buy the striker we wanted. So now you have to be a backup. It will be your job next year.'

"I hang up. Looking at Tom [Brookes]" - his agent - "who shrugs. Then I call back. Saying a lot of ugly, disrespectful things. Like 'a**hole' and 'w***er.'

"'We don't like each other anymore', I finish my snapping. 'It will be best for everyone to part ways.' I'm really trying to free myself."

Bendtner- currently playing in Denmark for Copenhagen FC- generally spoke positively of Wenger throughout the book, although he claims that he was "not naive" enough to believe that his relationship with Wenger was not irreparably damaged following the incident.

The Danish striker went on to start just one game at Arsenal for the rest of the season, before departing in the summer and signing for Vfl Wolsburg on a free transfer.

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