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I Don't Speak Enough English Yet - Massimilano Allegri

After a very poor start to the new 2019-2020 season, Manchester United are likely to Solksjaer very soon and are already in search for a replacement. Allegri who is currently out of job has been linked with the position at Old Trafford, which would be a big move for him after his time in italy.

"I don't speak English enough yet, but I'm learning," Allegri said while speaking at the Football Coaches Association symposium via Przeglad Sportowy. Speaking further, Allegri highlighted that he is a coach that listens more than hespeaks as he underlined how he was able to succeed at Juventus.

The 52-year-old won Serie Ain each of his five seasons with the Bianconeri and twice saw them progress to the Champions League final.

"There are two ways to be a good trainer: authoritarian and liberal. I prefer the latter, so I listen more than I speak," Allegri said.

"Thanks to this strategy, I receive more information from the outside that positively changes my world. I still deny the validity of my ideas. I argue with myself.

"If I think that something is 100 per cent good, I am worried and consult on this opinion with the people around me.

"When I came to Turin after Antonio Conte, many thought I was screwed. That Juve is burned out. That the winning stage is over because the team is saturated.

"The situation was not perfect because I found a team that needed rebuilding. It's exciting, but also at risk of failure, and Juventus is not the place where the latter is accepted. That's why I had to look for ways to stimulate the group. I listened and changed."

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