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UEFA may save Germany from relegation by expanding top tier in the Nation League

UEFA is looking to expand the Nations League top tier to 16 teams – saving Germany from relegation.

In the interest of member nations expressing a desire to play more competitive games and fewer friendlies, plans for four groups of four teams are set to be discussed at Tuesday's UEFA executive committee. This would mean nations would play six competitive fixtures instead of four and avoid playing friendlies when they are not competing in the current 12-nation format of three teams across four groups.

The proposal would likely see the four relegated League A teams - Germany, Croatia, Poland and Iceland - retain their top-flight status.

They would be joined by the four promoted League B sides Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Denmark.

Germany finished bottom of Group One last season after failing to win a single game against France and the Netherlands, who were eventual runners-up.

Iceland failed to pick up a single point against Switzerland and Belgium in Group Two while Poland also failed to register a victory in Group Three against eventual Nations League victors Portugal and Italy.

Croatia lost out in a tight Group Four with England, who were eventually placed third in the competition, and Spain.

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